Confederate Pensions

Confederate Pension Application Files
Texas State Archives

Texas Confederate Veterans Pension Applications for Irion County are at the Texas State Electronic Library  and while they charge a fee for copies, it is very reasonable and they always are helpful and considerate. Also they bill with the copies. You can also order files by submitting the file information by email.

The information in the applications is very complete and usually contains parents, spouse, date of birth, date of marriage, how long in Texas, present address and how long at present address. They will also contain other family members in the references or Interrogatories, which is usually by family members.

A rejected application means usually that their service could not be verified, that they did not serve long enough, or they took the oath of allegiance before Lee surrendered the Army of the Appomattox. There can be more than one application also. If there is more than one, when you request information, all applications by that person is sent.


Claimant Name Application Number County Husband Husband’s Application Number
Branch, J. W. 02231 Irion
Brannan, George W. 09714 Irion
Brock, Philpena 28019 Irion Brock, Emanuel
Byler, Cirene 10990 Irion Byler, E. R.
Cameron, James Madison 02232 Irion
Campbell, Bettie M. 25385 Irion Campbell, Alvin Upshaw
Collins, Albert Gonzales 32602 Irion
Collins, Dora 52043 Irion Collins, Albert Gonzales 32602
Davis, S. T. 31237 Irion
Eason, Jane 02233 Irion Eason, Thomas G.
Echols, Benjamin Riddle 02612 Irion
Hill, Amelia L. 19677 Irion Hill, Thomas David
Johnston, M. J. rej Irion
Martin, James Sheppard 12460 Irion
Minor, Lee Taylor 35573 Irion
Minor, N. J. (Mrs) 40679 Irion Minor, Lee Taylor 35573
Nichols, Ben Marion 21926 Irion
Sterrett, W. A. 12932 Irion
Stidham, Zachariah rej Irion
Stonehouse, E. F. (Mrs) 42352 Irion Stonehouse, Thomas
Wells, Henry A. rej Irion
Westbrook, Benjamin Franklin 27920 Irion
Westbrook, Mary E. 35572 Irion Westbrook, Benjamin Franklin 27920
Williams, Hez 09813 Irion


If you have any Irion Confederate  information you would like to share, please e-mail me and I will add it to this page.